Saida Abdalla


Program Coordinator

Saida Abdalla is a proud graduate of Bay Path University where she received a Master’s of Science in Higher Education Administration. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Management from the University of Massachusetts Boston. She is a seasoned higher educational professional with varied experience in student development, engagement and retention. Her International experience in higher education has given her a clear understanding of how global and social awareness plays a critical role in the success of students. Her areas of expertise are: international student services, student activities, orientation, student training and development, student retention, and curriculum development.

She’s had the pleasure of working with various private and public institutions in the United States as well as a private institution in the Middle East. She is dedicated and passionate about the work she does because it allows her to support the learning and development of students in their unique educational experiences. She is looking forward to working at the Institute for Global Leadership because it will give her the opportunity to work with the emerging leaders of tomorrow and empower them to harness the power of leadership, inclusion and action.