2014 China-U.S. Symposium

April 17-19, 2014

ASEAN Auditorium, The Fletcher School

Other locations include: 51 Winthrop Street and the Alumnae Lounge

The seventh annual China-U.S. Symposium will explore China's engagement with the world, both in the context of partners and strategies. As China's power continues to grow, albeit in uncertain ways, how and with whom this Asian giant engages will be critical. These questions will be examined from various perspectives - including from an economic, social, and security stand point--throughout our panels, keynote addresses, breakout sessions, and other complementary events. These in-depth discussions will feature leading experts, policymakers, and professionals, and will be facilitated by Tufts students who have dedicated substantial time and effort to studying these issues. 

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Our tentative schedule is below, and will be updated as needed.

Thursday April 17th
51 Winthrop Street

5:00-6:00PM Reception

6:00-8:00PM Formal Dinner and Opening Keynote

  • Sherman Teichman, Founder and Director of the Institute for Global Leadership at Tufts University
  • Daniel R. Russel, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs


Friday April 18th
Cabot ASEAN Auditorium, Tufts University

10:30-12PM Breakfast and Private Roundtable Discussion

12:00-12:45PM Registration and Lunch

1:00-1:05PM Introduction and Welcome Address

  • Anthony Monaco, President of Tufts University

1:05-2:20PM “U.S. Pivot to Asia and Asia's Response”

  • Zhu Feng, Peking University
  • Shinju Fujihira, Harvard University
  • Sung-Yoon Lee, Tufts University
  • Gary Samore, Harvard University

2:30-3:45PM  “China and the U.S. in Africa”

  • Amb. David Shinn, George Washington University
  • Yun Sun, Henry L. Stimson Center/Brookings Institute
  • Fei-Ling Wang, Georgia Tech Sam Nunn School of International Affairs
  • Seifudein Adem, SUNY Binghamton

4:00-5:00PM David Rawson Memorial Lecture

  • Greg Austin, EastWest Institute

5:00-6:00PM Dinner for Speakers and the China-U.S. Symposium Team (at Dewick-McPhie Dining Hall)


Saturday April 19th
Alumnae Lounge and Cabot ASEAN Auditorium, Tufts University

12:00-1:15PM Community Event: Discovering Boston's Asian-American Organizations (Alumni Lounge)

1:30-3:00PM “Military and Cyber”

  • Ian Easton, Project 2049 Institute
  • Joel Wuthnow, Asia Analyst, CNA Corporation
  • Greg Austin, EastWest Institute
  • Alison Russell, Merrimack College

3:00-4:15PM Breakout Sessions

  • China's Strategy in Territorial Conflict Since 2000: Change and Continuity, led by Andrew Taffer, U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission
  • Beyond U.S. Hegemony: China's Place in a Multipolar World, led by Daniel Koss, Harvard University
  • A Discussion on the Divergence in Chinese and American Views on North Korea, led by Kwan Lin, Tufts Fletcher School
  • Burma Ethnic Political Landscape: China's Relation with Kachin Independence Organization (KIO), led by Yaw Bawm, Tufts Fletcher School
  • How to Write a Senior Thesis on China, led by Ben Wang and Hiram Reynolds, Tufts 2014.

4:30-5:30PM “Foreign Media Perception”

  • Ivan Rasmussen, Fletcher PhD
  • Susan Jakes, Yale University
  • Dr. Ying Zhu, College of Staten Island
  • Dr. Stanley Rosen, University of Southern California

5:30-6:00PM Closing Remarks


The 7th Annual China-U.S. Symposium is made possible with the support of the Tufts Institute for Global Leadership (IGL), the Alliance Linking Leaders in Education and the Services (ALLIES), the Tufts Community Union (TCU), the Tufts Asian Studies Program, and the Office of the President.